It is not worth living normally
but it is worth to live extremely


Extreme Way of the Cross is

A night adventure

Walking in changeable weather conditions

In silence

A 40 km route

Exceptional meditations

A new form of spirituality


Our meditations for this year’s Extreme Way of the Cross follow the vision of Pope Francis. First of all they follow the vision of Jesus. It is from Jesus that we want to learn how to live our lives that are to be true, full and sensible. We want to follow in his footsteps. Jesus is the example of a Christian leader.


Mobile application

The application is for EDK participants. It shows the user’s localisation on the route. It contains meditations: texts and audio recordings. Take the challenge and walk EDK.

Fr Jacek Stryczek

Rev Jacek Stryczek – Initiator of SZLACHETNA PACZKA and AKADEMIA PRZYSZŁOŚCI, known for his pioneering ideas of evangelization, a PR and promotor of CSR. For years Fr Jacek Stryczek has taught and educated young people how to wisely offer help to those in need. He has been a student chaplain in St Anne’s Church in Kraków.

He was also a chaplain of students of medicine. Since 2007, he has been a business chaplain. Currently, his former pupils are forming their spirituality and developing their characters in the Community of Open Individualities.

Men’s Side of Reality originated from the need to change the standard view on men in the Church. We focus on deepening men’s sexual identity based on the values of the Gospel. This task is realised through challenges and involvement in 5 key areas of MSR: spirituality, physical activities, work for others, professional life and relationships.

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