We invite you to participate in an amazing spiritual experience which is the extreme Way of the Cross.

Only in this year's edition in March set off on her more than 26 000 people , including himself Apostolic Nuncio to Poland, Archbishop Celestino Migliore ! Now you can go EDK also during WYD

What is the EDK?

It is a new form of the spiritual activity, which was created as an answer of the need to live challenges. In practice it is a night walk usually leading to the sanctuary. Every year thousand of people in the Lent in Poland and all over the world take the challenge to overcome the route of approximately 40 kilometers in silence at night ( individually or in the group). At the very beginning they are given the map and the specially written meditation   of the 14 Stations of the Cross on this occasion.

The essence of the EDK is crossing each other, the determination to endure hardship and abandonment of comfort to be able to truly meet with God. Extreme Way of the Cross is a physical and spiritual exercise , which can change each.


What is EDK like during theWYD?

On the occasion of the WYD we encourage you to take this challenge right here and right now, in Poland. This time not at night, but during the day. This route you can go during the WYD in the Dioceses, before the WYD. It does not have to be 40 km. Choose from the website any route and go even a section of it, you are capable of. On the website www.edk.org.pl you will find specially prepared for this occasion meditation translated into the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Ukrainian, under password the Christian Leader.

EDK during the WYD it is time for the personal reflections and at the same time discovering the beauty of the Polish countryside. We hope that, such a possibility to be in the world of nature, among the common people’s affairs, at close range – will make your staying in Poland more deep in mind, experience it deeper. And after that you spread your experience in your habitat, after coming back home.

Supporters of EDK

It is not worth living normally
but it is worth to live extremely